July 1, 1971


July 1, 1971


  • Twelve Pakistan army personnel are killed and five others injured when a platoon of freedom fighters led by Captain Shamsul Huda attack Debipur in Chittagong. Freedom fighter Fazlur Rahman sacrifices his life during the fight with the Pakistani army.
  • A platoon of freedom fighters led by Habildar Gias ambush a jeep and two trucks of Pakistani patrolling troops at Phultali, a southern area Comilla. 21 Pakistan army men including 3 officers killed in the attack.
  • Several hundred Bangladeshi refugees stage demonstration in front of US embassy in Kolkata in India to protest selling arms to Pakistan by US government.
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Geneva declares that UN, different other countries and organisations have donated $160 million aid to India till July 1.
  • US Congressman Kornelias Galagar, at a meeting of United States House of Representatives, calls upon the government to circulate a notice to stop supplying arms to Pakistan.
  • Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandi in an interview with a London-based daily, Times tells that the new plan of Yahya Khan on handing over the power will volatile the situation of East Pakistan.
  • Declaring military government in Dhaka, A Sirajul Islam, the elected MP from Chittagong, vows to work for Pakistan after breaking relation with Awami League.
  • Pakistan government calls upon the UN secretary general U’Thant, UNCHER High Commissioner Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan and other friend countries to create pressure on India for not helping the Liberation War of Bangladesh.
  • Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan bins Pakistan allegation saying that there was no evidence of Indian interest on baring the people who are interested in homecoming.
  • East Pakistan Jamaat General Secretary AK Khalek, in a statement, calls upon the country people to resist ‘miscreants’ (Freedom Fighters) and urged to form defence in every village.
  • Khulna district Peace Committee convener AKM Yusuf in a statement express gratefulness to president Yahya Khan and governor Tikka Khan for their initiatives to protect Pakistan.
  • India recognises Bangladesh as a sovereign state and condemns the atrocity by Pakistani army.


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